Vita Health Services’ Principles and Values

Vita Health Services was founded with the values to incorporate both the unlimited potential and personal responsibility of the individuals served. These values include a determined focus on the gifts and talents each person has and the contributions they can make to their individual communities.


Community Presence, Community Participation, Choice and Respect


Community Inclusion, Community Involvement and Contribution, Responsibility, Innovative Services that accommodate strengths and needs with a focus on the customer

Vita Health Services’ Beliefs

The Leadership team of Vita Health Services, believe that services and supports should enhance communication and promote outcomes that are member centered and individually fulfilling. To that end, Vita Health Services believes people with Intellectual, Mental and/or Developmental Disabilities:

  1. are thought of and valued as people who have abilities, dreams and needs.
  2. have the same legal, civil and human rights and responsibilities as all citizens.
  3. are individuals who have a wide array of interests, needs and capabilities.
  4. are dynamic, as desires and needs change, supports are best provided in an array of environments designed to meet the desires and needs at the time.
  5. are respected in their individual differences and basic rights of self-determination and autonomy in the design and delivery of services.
  6. are respected at all times in their racial, ethnic, cultural and family circumstances.
  7. are supported in a fashion that is designed to fully include them as valued members of the community.
  8. are assured timely and quality services and supports, in community settings tailored to each person’s individual needs, dreams and choices.
  9. have opportunities to pursue and achieve goals in all areas of life.
  10. have opportunities to exercise control of resources and actively participate in making decisions that affect their lives.
  11. are supported by many of the natural supports in the community, including families.
  12. have equity of services across communities in Iowa.
  13. are served in typical community settings in ways designed for all persons with developmental disabilities, including people with the most severe disabilities.